Nisarga Cyclone Live updates

The atmosphere in Gujarat has suddenly changed. It is feared that on the 4th and 5th of June, Dwarka, Okha, and Morbi in Gujarat will become hurricanes towards Kutch. At that time, the atmosphere of Gujarat has completely changed. Cloudy instead of cloudy. So many districts have received heavy rains, and many districts have been hit by Kaladibang clouds. If this depression takes the form of a hurricane, it will pass through Dwarka and sweep Kandla and the surrounding areas of Kutch. The same wind is blowing on many beaches of Saurashtra. Seeing this, signal number 1 has been put on the ports.
Signal No. 1 at the ports of Gujarat

Signal number 1 has been affixed on all the ports of Saurashtra. But there is no signal on the coast of Diu. No circular has been issued by the meteorological department. There is no signal in the circular lamp.

The signal was issued following the impact of the hurricane on the new port near Morbi. Signal No. 1 has been put up on the coast of Saurashtra as there is a possibility of a hurricane. Signal number 1 has also been installed at the ports of Jamnagar. A low-pressure signal has been set up in the Arabian Sea. The signal has been put up by the Gujarat Maritime Board. As well as the fishermen have been instructed by the Tantra not to plow the sea. Jamnagar has seen higher than normal wind speed.

Signal No. 1 has been installed at Okha port of Devbhoomi Dwarka. A depression-causing signal has been set in the nearby Arabian Sea. The seafaring season for fishermen ends tomorrow. This important decision has been taken for the safety of the fishermen.
Signal No. 1 has been placed at Veraval and Mangrol ports. The number one signal in the Arabian Sea is the Depression.

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