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If you feel embarrassed to have a driving license and an RC book for a car that you always forget about at home, no need to panic as the police will not cut your currency anymore. Let you know that the government has now eliminated the need to have a driving license or hard copy. You can work for it by showing a soft copy as well, but this soft copy should be in your digital locker. From there the traffic police will verify your driving license.

What is a digital locker?

Digital Locker is a part of digitalizing the country that runs in modern countries today, not tomorrow itself. The purpose of digital locker is to reduce the use of physical documents and promote the exchange of e-documents between agencies. By creating an account in it you can store other certificates like birth certificate, passport, educational certification online. Digital Locker also has e-sign facility which can be used to digitally sign. (We don’t know how safe this is).

How to Create digital locker Account

-To use Digital Locker or DigiLocker you have to create your account at
-For that you will need Aadhar card number.
-Aadhaar number will be asked for signup on the site and two options will be available for user verification. First, click on the OTP, which is the permanent password that will be clicked on the mobile number provided in the Aadhaar card.
-If you prefer the second option, the toe will open a page where you have to mark your thumb over the fingerprint. If the mark is true then user verification will be possible and then you will be able to create your user name and password.

*Note: The pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, and gif format files can be saved in this locker. The size of the uploaded files should not be more than 1 MB, thus each user will get 10 MB space which later demands 1GB. This will ensure the integrity of the online documents.

Why Digital Locker?

The document saved in digital locker is validated to facilitate this approach. The reason is that the government believes that there is no possibility of defects or errors as you need Aadhaar card to make an account on it. This is an easy and good process for them. This will ensure the integrity of the online documents.
Source: Digital India

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